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AHT Blog

  • We are only 2 weeks into 2019, and we are already seeing Democratic policymakers propose various “shades” of single-payer. For example, Washington State’s Governor proposed adding a “public option” for individuals in the State’s “unsubsidized” individual market. States like New Mexico are seriously considering a “Medicaid-Buy-In” option for the constituents of their State. New York City’s Mayor is providing access to health coverage to uninsured New York City residents, including undocumented individuals. And California’s new Governor (Governor Newsom) is also seeking to expand Medicaid to younger undocumented individuals. While not a “shade” of single-payer, Governor Newsom also wants to add in a State “individual mandate” penalty, while also using State taxpayer dollars to increase the ACA’s premium subsidies for Californians who are above 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • ACA Update

    In my last post before the holidays, I explained that the Texas District Court ruling – finding that the ACA is unconstitutional – has NO binding effect. Why? Because the judge’s ruling was merely a “declaratory judgment,” which is simply a ruling on how the judge thinks the law should work, which has NO binding effect on anyone. An “injunction,” on the other hand, does indeed have a binding effect, like stopping a law or a regulation from going into effect, or remaining in force. BUT, as I explained, the Texas judge refused to issue an injunction, which means that the ACA was NOT struck down in any way, shape, or form.
  • ACA Update

    I am first going to provide you with my quick reaction on how I believe this ruling impacts (1) the validity of the ACA and (2) the people who now rely on the ACA for coverage and/or rely on the ACA for certain consumer protections, like the pre-existing condition protection. Below these points, I am also including a couple posts that I wrote back in September and also in June of this year, which gives you more color commentary on my thoughts on this particular legal challenge. I will note, it is difficult to guess how the courts will ultimately rule here. We have seen this movie before. Which leads me to say this: Hold on to your hats, because we are going to hear a lot of “noise” from both Republicans and Democrats on this. My advice: Be selective in what you believe because no one really knows how this is going to play out. My comments below arguably add to the “noise” you will hear on this. I do, however, hope that my “noise” is helpful.

JJWade Associates Blog

  • Hurricane Florence

    As Florence moves closer to our area, now is the time to make sure you have implemented some basic risk management. 1. Review your insurance documents so you know the... The post Hurricane Florence appeared first on JJ Wade & Associates Insurance - Davidson, NC .
  • Jay Roberts, one of our innovative risk advisers, was crowned champion of the 2018 Wilmington City Amateur golf tournament this past weekend. He finished with a 68-72, one shot ahead... The post Jay Roberts: 2018 Wilmington City Am Champion appeared first on JJ Wade & Associates Insurance - Davidson, NC .
  • The following article was written by David Rainey, innovative risk adviser here at JJ Wade Associates. The North Carolina Reinsurance Facility announced a new 14.61% commercial auto loss recoupment... The post The Upcoming 15% Rate Increase On Commercial Auto in NC is Not a Tax but It Sure Acts Like One appeared first on JJ Wade & Associates Insurance - Davidson, NC .


  • Ego DO: Moral Hazards in the Age of Social Media Twitter has a 280-character limit, but it took only 61 characters from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to create a multi-billion-dollar impact. On August 7, 2018, Musk tweeted: “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” It’s estimated that Musk initially added $1.4 billion to
  • Fleets of dockless electric scooters made by companies such as Bird and Lime have sprouted up in a number of urban areas throughout the country. Bird advertises on their website that they now offer their service in over 100 cities and universities, while Lime offers similar services in over 70 cities. [1,2] For as little
  • Most employers have annual open enrollments for benefits during the months of October through January. Open enrollment is that one time per year that employees can make changes to their benefit elections. Open enrollments need to be planned carefully, with consideration given to the employee population and the best way to communicate the depth and breadth of your benefits program.

Bolton Blog

Mason & Mason Blog

  • The escalation of litigation surrounding the Me Too movement has quickly lead to a barrage of lawsuits involving allegations of sexual [] The post Sexual Harassment Allegations, the Me Too Movement and Portfolio Company Derailment appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .
  • As a co-founding member of TechAssure, we are so pleased to receive this wonderful recognition! TechAssure Earns Insurance Business Award [] The post TechAssure Named Network of the Year by Insurance Business America appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .
  • The analysis of cybersecurity risks and exposures is a critical component to MA due diligence, which many times does not [] The post The Importance of Cybersecurity Due Diligence in MA Transactions and for Boards of Directors appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .

Risk Balance Blog

  • Risk Balance was launched in early 2016 with the goal of providing service excellence and distinctive expertise within niche industries. Not yet 2 years into our new venture we are thrilled to have been recognized and to be amongst wonderful organizations selected as finalists for the 2017 Canada Insurance Business Awards. Although we appreciate how the business insurance industry can benefit from automation and commoditization, we believe there is a demand for personalized service and a deep un [...]
  • We are seeing an increasing trend of Representations and Warranties insurance being used as a tool to facilitate mergers or acquisitions.Reps and Warranties insurance protects both buyers and sellers that are involved in these transactions.Inaccuracies in representations and warranties made by the seller can result in costly liabilities.This product can significantly reduce the inherent risk of a transaction (for both buyer and seller) and can help overcome barriers in the negotiation pro [...]
  • The costs to defend and enforce patents are significant. These expenses can jeopardize the financial well-being of most organizations. Although insurance for Intellectual Property infringement has been available for quite some time, it had mostly remained cumbersome and cost prohibitive. Annual premiums were typically in the 6 figures, even for smaller organizations. There have been noteworthy changes in the last few years which is great news for organizations facing increasingly litigious [...]

Diversified Blog

  • The Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018 was a standout event full of 14,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, techies, and even millennials. Morning of the first day was full of incredible speakers. Afternoon was tough deciding which breakout session to attend with so many interesting topics and excellent presenters. Clint Betts started everything off by conducting short []
  • Latest news in the Risk Management world National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017 Federal Bureau of Investigation (blog) fbi October 05, 2017 Federal Bureau of Investigation National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017. “Cyber risks can seem overwhelming in today’s hyper-connected world, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself []
  • Latest news in the Risk Management world Time Is Running Out to Fund a Program That Insures 9 Million Kids fortune September 28, 2017 This article originally appeared on The Conversation. Since the inauguration of President Trump, health care has been front and center in American politics. Yet, attention has almost exclusively been []

Plexus Blog

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Rollins/B&BNY Blog

  • Brown & Brown of NY's Mark Rollins, Fred Gaston, Donna Witt and a group of nine other business professionals recently traveled to Nicaragua ​for a week to build a home in a remote part of that country for a family living on the edge of survival. They were a part of the Bridges to Community team that hosted and ... The post Brown & Brown of NY Teammates Build House in Nicaragua appeared first on Brown & Brown of NY, Inc. .
  • In 2017, 75% of our professional service clients changed their employee benefit plans to better align their firm with the expectations of prospective hires.  Millennials and their younger Centennial/Generation Z counterparts face unique challenges entering the job market and expect robust benefit offerings, while senior staff are accustomed to status ... The post Gain a Competitive Edge Law Firms and Employee Benefit Programs appeared first on Brown & Brown of NY, Inc. .
  • October 12th Executive Order: “Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal.” What Did It Do? Tasked the Administration with developing policies to increase competition among insurers, with the goal of improving quality of care and lowering costs.  More specifically, it directed the Department of Labor to consider expanding ... The post Trumps Executive Order and What it Means for Employer Sponsored Healthcare appeared first on Brown & Brown of NY, Inc. .